Monday, July 21, 2008


Sorry I have been MIA for a couple of days. We had a busy weekend.

Friday was Laney's 18 month check up. She now weighs 28lbs. 2 oz. (90th percentile) and is 32 in. tall (60%). She is very healthy according to her Doctor.

Saturday we traveled to an Amish farm with our Sunday School class for dinner. This was quite an experience. It took us 2 hours to get there. Once there you are seated in the basement of a farm house with no air conditioning. You are served Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes family style. It reminded me a little of eating at my Grandma's house passing around the bowls. The food was good but I am not sure I would drive 2 hours to eat there in July again. As we left the farm, we drove with our windows down to embrace the Amish experience. By the end of their driveway, we were ready to roll up the windows and turn up the AC. Back to the real world...

Sunday night was the last night of Bible School at my Mom's church. Logan sang with the group and received his certificate. Yeah Logan!!! We are really trying to talk to him about Jesus but it is challenging to explain God and Jesus to a 3 year old. You get lots of questions like why does Jesus live in the clouds and Can I talk to him on the phone?

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Crim said...

Oh Wow yall were busy. I am so glad Laney's checkup went well.

Yeah for Logan singing and asking questions about Jesus. Dave and I read about Noah's Ark to Caleb one night and he said his prayers and said God help me find that boat, LOL (he is obsessed with boats).