Monday, December 29, 2008

Pictures from Christmas

I am trying to get my blog caught up. We were busy with Christmas. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. We enjoyed our time with family. The kids got more than they needed. I may have a toy review post later in the week.

Speaking of toys this is a good time of year to go through your kids toys. I am taking the toys that my kids have outgrown and donating to our children's preschool/daycare. I am sure other places such as churches with preschool programs would be interested in donations as well. Since children spend so much time there, new toys are always exciting. It is also a good way to free up space for the new toys your kids received for Christmas.

I am posting pictures below from our Christmas celebration with the Texans. We had five children 3 and under.


Philip said...

Great Christmas pictures. Good to see the kids enjoying their special day.

Beccalynn81 said...

Looks like ya'll had fun! I need to get busy on my blog too, but we just got back home from Alto and I have to find room for all the new toys along with all the cleaning! Maybe I'll get to it soon!

Crim said...

We had such a good time.