Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Outdoorsman

Our local wildlife can let out a sigh of relief. It looks like they have nothing to fear with Logan. His latest trip to the nature center with Dad did not result in the killing or catching of any live animals. In fact Logan ate the three slices of bread that were intended for the ducks. He also ate the marshmallows that was supposed to be his trout bait. Yes, I do feed my child...he had already ate chicken nuggets and french fries. All was not lost. He got to participate in a class about snakes. The "snake teachers" as Logan call them let him touch a King snake. He thought it was great. He did look at me and say, "Seriously, mom we do not touch snakes unless the snake teacher is there." That is a relief. I was afraid he would now be searching out snakes to hold.

I didn't get any pictures from Saturday but I had to post one of my favorites of Logan.

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Crim said...

Caleb is going to have to teach him how to hunt, LOL!!