Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We had a wonderful time visiting with our Texas relatives this past weekend. I got to visit with the 3 newest members of our family. Caylin, Colby, and Bethani are beautiful! It is amazing how quickly you forget just how small babies can be. Laney is only 19 months old but it seems so long ago when she was that small.

Logan and Laney loved the farm. They played in the dirt, rode the "rhino", and visited the cows. Laney was very friendly and made sure she greeted each cow with a wave and "hi cow." She is working on her Texas drawl.

After the long trip home, we all crashed. I spent the rest of the holiday digging out of the mountains of laundry. I hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday as well.


Philip said...

What would Labor Day be without doing some form of Labor? We were on the laundry detail as well on Labor Day...YUCK! Laundry, or root canals...which one do I like best?

Beccalynn81 said...

Sounds like ya'll had fun visiting on the farm. I know Lillian loves cows and every other animal! I bet Laney enjoyed it!