Monday, September 8, 2008

All about me...Logan 3 1/2

I hope you guys will bare with me through the next few posts. I use this blog partly as an online journal/baby book so every once in a while I like to post things about the kids that I want to remember. This first one is for Logan at age 3 1/2.

Favorite animal: Puppy dogs especially Dalmations
Favorite Toy: Thomas the Train and Spot (stuffed dog)
Favorite Song: "Jesus loves me" and "Hush little Baby"
Favorite Color: He tells Daddy blue but it is really pink
Best Friends: P.J., Bryanna, and Leightyn
What I have learned: Logan can count to fifteen most of the time. He knows all of his colors and shapes.
What we are working on? : Alphabet, reading, and coloring in the lines

Logan is enrolled in swimming lessons for the first time. He is so brave. We ended up in a class with much older children. They all basically know how to swim. Logan is a true beginner. He hasn't figured out how to work his arms and legs at the same time and keeps his head high above water. Despite all of this he holds his head high when he finishes his turn and smiles. He is so proud and his mommy is too.

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