Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hermie the Caterpillar

Logan and Laney were in a program at their preschool before Christmas. I am just now getting a chance to post pictures. The program was centered around Hermie the Caterpillar. They sang songs about being special. It was really cute. We decided Logan is just like Chad and Laney is just like me when it comes to public performances. Laney stood on the stage and did not move. No smiling or singing just a statue. Logan on the other hand danced and sang his heart out. For some crazy reason they placed him close to one of the microphones. I could see the problems right away with this arrangement. About halfway through the program Logan starts inching closer to the microphone and begins to sing a solo. The teacher has to call him out during the show. Oh well, it was a great one to have on video.

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Love their funky headbands!!

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